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The law firm Sami JOUINI & Associés is a business office founded in 1970 by Master Sami JOUINI.

Cabinet Sami JOUINI et Assocciés

About Our Law Office

Our goal is to enable our customers to better meet the challenges they face and provide them with all the assistance and interest in their

National and Foreign Invest In Tunisia!

Our Law firm assists domestic and foreign investors in all their administrative procedures to obtain authorizations and to benefit from the tax benefits provided by the Tunisian Code of Investment Incentives.




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We offer

Our practice breadth and industry knowledge provide us with insights into the issues that affect our clients most deeply and enable us to provide high quality business-oriented legal advice to assist them in achieving their commercial goals.

droit du travail
Corporate law

Our firm intervenes at all stages of the life of the company. When setting up a company, we are able to advise future partners or

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Droit Commercial
Trade Law

Our commercial lawyers intervene in debt collection disputes, commercial contracts or bankruptcies. They can even defend you and represent you in case of unpaid invoices

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Furniture and real estate leasing
Business and corporate law

Our specialist lawyers will be able to answer all your questions concerning company law and will advise you as best as possible. Company law is

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TunisiaXchange met à votre disposition un convertisseur de devises, qui vous permet de convertir plus de 150votre monnaies instantanément et gratuitement, et de connaître approximativement le taux de change en direct.


Our activity area

Our law firm offers a global approach to be your privileged advisor to prevent, avoid litigation or, where appropriate, defend your clients before the competent courts. Depending on the need to intervene in private law or public law, depending on the experience of his lawyers, the firm has an overview in certain sectors.

Nos partenaires

Industrial Sector

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Secteur bancaire

Banking sector

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Large Distribution Sector

Large Distribution Sector

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Leisure, Tourism & Wellness

Leisure, Tourism & Wellness

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Company Law, Exchange Law and Labor Law

We also provide legal oversight of projects, particularly in the areas of company law, exchange law and labor law.

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Our team

We invite you to discover our work team.

Foulen Lawyer

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Foulen Lawyer
Photo Maître Sami JOUINI
Lawyer Sami JOUINI

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Lawyer Sami JOUINI
Lawyer Foulen

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Lawyer Foulen

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Rézig Centre, Bloc C, 2ième étage – Bur: n°5
Sidi Rézig – 2033 Mégrine (Banlieue Sud de Tunis)

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